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     Matthew was one of six children; he was the eldest brother. He was 21 when he passed away on January 22, 2009. Although he was young he lived a full life because he lived selflessly. Matthew was known for his kind heart and amazing sense of humor. Matthew was very family oriented he had an amazing relationship with his father, that he was never ashamed to admit. They did many activities together; they were best friends. Matthew was born in Boston on April 4, 1987. He spent his younger years living in Marshfield and later move to Rockland where he enlisted in Army National Guard.

     Matthew wouldn’t hesitate to help anyone in need: family, friend or complete strangers. That’s why his family wasn’t surprised when he joined the Army National Guard. Matthew’s first act of heroism was when his youngest brother, at the time, Joseph fell and almost hung himself in their childhood home Matthew was there to help get Joseph down. Through the year’s he grew to become more caring and understanding, he learned early that laughter was the best medicine. He never wanted to see anyone upset so if he thought he could make you laugh, he would. When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, Matthew decided then that that was what he wanted to do; he want to help others. His loyalty was like no other he put family first and that include his military family he loved so many of them. Matthew never hesitated to help anyone in need he would drop anything to help a friend.


     October 15, 2005 Matthew joined the Army National Guard, Military Police Corps. Specialist Matthew Pollini did not join the Army National Guard to go to war but instead to help those in need. However, he never hesitated when the unit was ordered to active duty. He deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom with the 772nd Military Police Company, Massachusetts Army National Guard. He was assigned to 3rd platoon, 1st squad B-team as a gunner. As much as Matt joked around on and off duty, when he was put in the turret behind a crew served weapon; he was all business. Matt was never a PT stud or a combative expert but he was the type of soldier that never gave up and through his actions and words he would provide the motivation for others to continue and to never give up. Finally, when the soldiers were exhausted and stressed from continuous long days of training and away from families, Matthew was the soldier that kept up morale and motivation by his actions and comic relief. That kind of personality is hard to come by and is so crucial for a squad’s success. He was dependable, reliable and loyal to his fellow soldiers.


     Specialist Matthew Pollini died during a vehicle rollover incident on January 22, 2009 while returning from mission near Forward Operating Base (FOB) Delta in Al Kut, Iraq. SPC Pollini is missed everyday by his family and his fellow Soldiers.

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